The Ishkik caverns are a series of caves on the planet Cularin. They are made of stone similar to granite but weaker than it, which crumbles with time. They include both short and long passages, crisscrossing each other, with some of them eventually leading to remote mountains.

The Ishkik caverns were discovered when the efforts to construct one of the first platform cities kept breaking through the surface to the caverns beneath. After three foiled attempts, the investors decided to construct their city somewhere else, and the caverns ended up being used by geologists and scouts in only cursory research.

The caverns were used by three irstats of Tarasin during the Tarasin Revolt (between 161 and 154 BBY), where they hid their military cache. After the Revolt, the Tarasin left the caverns and took most of their supplies with them, but some caches remained hidden. The caverns stretched on for kilometers, and in addition to rumors of hidden riches, there were unconfirmed tales of strange kilassin and a hidden humanoid race hidden in the depths of Cularin.