Type: terrestrial
Climate: jungle, mountainous jungle
Rotation period: 22 standard hours
Orbital period: 300 standard days

Cularin is a planet in the Cularin system. It has two moons, the molten Rennokk and the barren Tilnes. The planet is known for its exotic hardwoods, especially the ch'hala tree. The whole planet is considered strong in the Force.

The intelligent natives of Cularin are called Tarasin. Great lizards called kilassin occupy the top of the food chain. A few kilassin have been captured and domesticated by Corporations like the Metatheran Cartel to use them as labor beasts in isolated forest locations. Mulissiki are instead little, shy scavengers. They can be a nuisance only in sky city, where they can't escape and make nests.

Gadrin and Hedrett are the first two cities built on Cularin. They were founded by Reidi Artom. That's where the Office for Peace and Security is most active.

The Platform Cities were built after Tarasin Revolts in order to allow expansion without impacting too much nature. They are built on huge platforms on top of pillars that rise more than a kilometer above the trees canopy. Larger cities need more than one pillar as well, but soon jungle vines grow on the periferal pillars, making them look like trees.
Republic military is based on the remote platform city of Soboll.