Cloud Mountain is the highest mountain on the planet Cularin, located generally to the north of Gadrin and Hedrett. Its peak was always covered with clouds, which inspired its name.

The Tarasin used to say that the top of the mountain was not made of rock, but clouds. One day the mountain disproved that theory by erupting. The resulting groundquakes, lava and ashfall decimated the nearby Tarasin tribes. The surviving Tarasin banded together into the larger Hiironi irstat, located a kilometer from the mountain.

The north face of the mountain had been clear-cut by Sunburst Mining when they attempted to mine the mountain. The mines were soon abandoned, but an entrance remained three-quarters of the way up the mountain, and the jungle was slow to reclaim the barren mountain face.

On year: 201 A.A. month 4, the Resistance to the Metatheran Cartel used those same mines as a secret headquarters, until it was discovered and attacked by their enemies.

Digging below the Cloud Mountain it is possible to find the strange and peculiar Dua-wurm.