The Cochlera were a floating jellyfish-like species native to the stormy energy atmosphere of the planet Genarius. Though a hardy species it seemed that the Cochlera would only survive in the skies of the homeworld which had led scientists to believe that unique gases and other factors led to the creatures living on their homeworld. Several of the creatures were transplanted to other gas giants; however, all died in a matter of days.
Their central body was a near transparent sac shaped organ that contained a type of fluid and had constant discharges of electricity. Beneath this body were six appendages of different lengths that would be used to defend the beast from harm. This was done through a discharge the creature was capable of making which had a similar effect of an ion blaster.
Being transparent, they could easily go undetected until they crashed with a starship, or worse, they burned because they approached too close to an engine. Cochleras were difficult to capture or to study.
Reproduction was done through a process of fission where a Cochlera would split into two. However, this would only be done in a set environment that required certain elements. The first was the presence of beskium gas and the second was that the parent must be part of a mull. It seemed that the mere presence of other members of their kind induced a chemical reaction that made reproduction through fission possible for the species. The presence of beskium gas and not a mull lead to the Cochlera simply to absorb the gas and burst but not reproduce. Furthermore, it seemed that the species only reproduced during periods of powerful atmospheric storms that would dot the surface of the planet at times.
After the Battle of Naboo it was discovered that the fluids that made up the body of a Cochlera, and that were secreted when the Cochlera was scared, contained a pale ichor that would be used to provide an immunity from the Force. Though the benefits were unproven, the ichor became known as Jedi Mind Juice. This discovery led to many criminal groups actively engaging in illegal hunts for the beasts. These Cochlera would be captured and their fluids would be drained from them. As was expected, these hunts were often kept in secret and rumors were spread about the 'dangers' of these gentle beasts in order to hide the criminal operations to capture them.
Cochlera were often sighted in herds known as mulls that consisted of thirty to fifty individuals.