"Live and let live....unless they get in your way. Then kill them."

―Motto of Varna Biqua[src]
Varna Biqua, like its sister city Tolea Biqua, was a floating city on Genarius that catered to vice industries, but Varna Biqua focused more on the vice and less on partying. The city sat enshrouded in a perpetual thick cloudbank, rumor saying that crime lord Riboga the Hutt had enhanced the clouds to hide something.
Varna Biqua supported a large black market. The trade in illegal substances and weapons were some of the city's biggest industries. For the right price, almost anything could be had in Varna Biqua. The city was a chaotic place, summed up by their motto. When a visitor stepped off their ship, they were on their own, or they can pay for the help of figures such as local "obtainer" Quaad Endac.