Tolea Biqua, sometimes known as TB, was a floating city on Genarius, considered the twin city of Varna Biqua, and built at the direction of crime lord Riboga the Hutt. Unlike the uniformity of other Genariusan floating cities like Ipsus, Tolea Biqua was disheveled and disorganized. It was a conglomeration of clashing building styles laid out without a clear plan. Surfaces were brightly painted in primary colors, and neon tubes were frequent. From a distance, it looked beautiful, but the illusion did not hold up long when approached.
Tolea Biqua's radiation shields were designed to absorb and use the radiation of the planet's storms to power the city's bright lights. Without the power absorbed from the storms, in a week Tolea Biqua would use up power cells which could power a full-sized freighter for a year.