"I don't see why the source should matter to anyone, Admiral. As long as they show the traditional SoroSuub quality."

―Moff Disra to Grand Admiral Pellaeon
The SoroSuub (sometimes also rendered as Soro Suub) Corporation was a massive Sullustan corporation that specialized in mineral processing, but that also produced most common technological goods, from energy mining to food packaging.
The main activity of the SoroSuub Corporation was mineral processing. However, the company had numerous divisions and subdivisions that handled everything from energy mining to food packaging. The technology divisions developed and produced weapons, droids, communication devices, vehicles, and starships.
Based on Sullust, SoroSuub employed about half the population of the planet,[1] and ninety percent of Sullust's workforce. The company was led by a Chief Executive Officer.
Potential employees were trained at the SoroSuub Business Academy, on the planet Sullust, before being allowed into the company.