There was a rebellion 5 years ago.  The evil Queen Belladonna, also a Mord Syth, with her Advisor Dark High Lord Commander Bastion Bludd and Dark Wizard Deslar, led those that would wish more power and riches to turn on their own kith & kin.  The Royal Black Dragonguards were caught off guard as some of their own men, friends and even family turned on them suddenly.  A brutal bloodbath took place and the rightful King and Queen were slain.

Only the young princess, Araya, now the only rightful heir, was rescued by the High Commander Marek Bludd at the orders of the King and High Lord Trainer, Tius DragonLeaf.  Araya's mother was the Mother Confessor and that power now survives in Araya.


Dragonguards are hunted and sometimes captured being firstly put in the arena to fight for their life against unbalanced odds to test their metal.  If they are unlucky enough to survive, or if the Queen Belladonna fancies it, they are then either to be enslaved to fight in the arena, either against their own people, or to fight Drakelords or Mord Syths for the Queen’s own amusements.  Even some could be chosen to be made into Drakelords and Mord Syths.  Losers and disabled are sent to the Mines to mine jewels for the Queen.  Women & Children are sent to the mines as slave to keep the Arena fighters under control.
Dragonguard women are taken by Drakelords & Mord Syths and tortured into madness or become the evil Mord Syths.  Captured male Dragonguard are also tortured by the Mord Syth to try to get them to become Drakelords or die slaves.
What is a MORD SYTH (Female) (Evil)

These women are an elite force of female warriors that are all trained and dedicated to Dark High Lord Bastion Bludd.  The breaking of them a personal joy for Bastion though he allows his Mord Syths' to do the torturing with the agiel to ALL captives.  These women would give their lives up for Bastion Bludd.  They all were once loyal Dragonguard to the now dead King and Queen. Are YOU wicked enough to be one of these warriors!


On Korvan Mountain ALL Dragonguards come of age at 18 yr, normally, unless something has held them back, but no matter when the time is right their Dragons will find them and battle them to see if they are ready yet. If a Dragon has been killed in battle then the rider must also go through the T'Kal again.  Even Drakelords and Mord Syth get their replacement dragons this way.
EVERYONE is born a Dragonrider.  A Dragonrider stops ageing at the Age of 27 and no matter the age always looks to be no older and are immortal.


ALL Dragons can take human form and walk amongst the Dragonguards, Drakelords and Mord Syths.
A dragon can communicate telepathically with its rider, talk back, be sassy, have an attitude etc, you pick the personality and name of the dragon you are to play.

Justice and Good above all.
Honor and Fealty to the rightful Queen Araya.
Honor and Respect to Righteous Innocence.
Honor and Duty to the First Wizard Zedd.
Honor and Duty to our Mother Confessor Araya.
Honor and Duty to the Justicemaker Marek Bludd.
Honor and Protection to the Lesser Races.
Honor and Punishment to the Enemies of Justice and Good.
Honor and Forbearance for oneself.