City Outlay- Coin is broken into four large wards, one for each cardinal point of the compass.

North Ward- Temple and Merchant District
This section of the city has temples to all the main gods and goddess of the land, there is also the large free market which is open daily and is near the northern gate. There are many shops and merchant and trade guildes and craftspeople in this section of the city. Head Quarters of the Company of the Dragon- mercenary company- is also located here.

South Ward- Docks and Residential Area
Many of the folk of the city live in this section of the city, the Arena is located here, so is the city port and warehouse district, many inns and bars can be located here as well. There are also two nice parks located here the free park called "Green Space" and the closed gardens called "Jade Place" where a 2gp fee is required to enter the grounds.

East Ward- Slums
This is the poorer part of the city. Quite a few unsavoury businesses are located here as well. Like butchers and alchemists. The city cemetary is also located here.

West Ward- Residential and Government centre
The west ward is home to the castle of Coin where the city is ruled from, the wizards and fighters guild are located here, so too is the city watch and the city standing army- which is garrisoned in another fort in this area. There are many manor houses of the richer residents of the city in this area as well. Many entertainment services, especially the more luxurious and expensive, can be found here. Such as massage halls, spa, bard halls etc.

Surrounding Lands

To the north there are many villages, ruins, caves and also a few city states, the nearest city state is Tharin- home to many dwarves and it is primarily a mining settlement that has become a city over the years, the city is half above ground and half below, the land there seems blessed with veins and veins of copper, iron and even some silver. Further north you come eventually to the wild open grasslands of the horse riding babarian tribes, and then the open sea.

To the east there again are villages, ruins and a few city states, one city state is the city of Redum- the city is predominately a farming centre, the lands around the city are home to many farms and the city is blessed with rich soils. Further East takes you towards the centre of the continent and to the Kingdom of the Iron King. A land ruled by knights and barrons, and of course a fierce King. Luckily the Iron King is kept busy by his neighbours to the east of his kingdom, those being orcs and many other humanoids that try to breach his "Iron Wall" and raid his lands.

South of Coin there are rich forests that are sparingly logged, there are quite a few halflings, gnomes and elves who make their home in this wood, and this area is relatively peaceful and not so much a domain of the humans. There is a large elven settlement called Evergreen, whoes tireless rangers help to keep the wooded area safe for all those who live within.Beyond the woods there is grassland,then desert where more nomadic tribes live, and then again the open sea.

West of Coin there are again the mix of village and ruins and a few city states, there is a stretch of mountains here too that even see snow when winter strikes. The mountains are home to a few dwarven holds the largest being Yarranhold- which has its own dwarven king, and mines of gems and gold. On the other side of the moutains you again find the sea,and there is the wild port city of Freeport- that is a chaotic pirate filled city.

There is a large river the comes down from the moutains to the North/West, and passes by Coin (thus Coin has a port even though its land locked. The river then flows southwards and westwards partially through the forests and then finally out to sea. Thanks the to size of the river, and the depth and widths of it, many a ship saild up it from the sea and make trade with Coin.

Organisations in Coin
Coin Militia-Army of Three (See above for some details)
The roads and periodically the countryside is patrolled by the Army of Three- anybody who can fight, or wishes to learn to fight, is welcome to join. Working here normally means lots of patrols along the roads, sitting in small stone keeps, hunting bandits, outlaws and monsters, and occassionally attacking tribes or monsters or even clearing out dungeons. Adventurers are welcome to help with some of these jobs when they are available, leaving the patrolling and manning of keeps to the everyday soldier.

The Company of the Iron Spider
A rather large successful trading company that has ships and caravans thoughout the continent. Zanthar is the leader in Coin and he is always willing to hire caravan or ship guards, or even warehouse guards. He may occassionally have work of other types for those interested as well.

Assassins Guild
There is indeed a guild that can be hired to kill people for a price, they are of course highly secretative, and finding them is not easy at all. However for those brave and determined enough they can be found. Recently the City Guard captain has decided to try and root them out. Very little is known about them, although a person with the right skills may be able to join up.

The thieves guild
The thieves in Coin are not all members of the guild, there are plenty of free agents, but it is believed that there is an organisation that tries to help those who follow this path to be able to do it better. The city guard is of course sworn to root out the theives guild, but it dosn't seem to be trying hard, some put it down to corruption, others to perhaps the wisdom that when there is somebody organising the thieves guild, maybe thats better than just lots of random crimes. Either way it has always existed. For those with the right skills joining up would probably allows lots of interesting jobs and also lots of useful services to be available.

The company of the dragon
A mercenary company that can field both units of soldiers, or bands of adventurers, they take plenty of work in the city for various sources and are in direct competition with the older fighters guild. The guild provides its members with plenty of services including free room and food. The guild is currently run by Terressa a ranger of some skill.

The fighters guild
An old traditional guild for those who wish to practice martial skills, spa and adventure, quite a few gladiators in the Coin Arena can be found here, also the guild currently specialising in dungeon delving and ruin clearing. The current guild master is a gnome by the name of Gerbo who is an inventor and an excellent shot. He seems to have a fear of theives and has recently added many traps to the old dusty keep. At least that's the word on the street.

The Wizards Guild-
A school and centre of research for wizards or those who wish to be wizards, the alchemical labs and libraries are well known throughout Coin, the teachers staffed here very knowledgeable in their craft. Its not compulsory to join up, but the fees provide plenty of services and also plenty of chance to talk with fellow wizards. Adventurers can often find work with individual mages or with the guild officially.

The order of the Sun
A group of paladins and other good doers, run by an aging elven paladin, the order is strong and popular in the city, they keep on the good side of the watch and the many good alinged temples. Besides righting wrongs and slayng monsters they also help out at orphanages, feed the poor and do other works of humility and kindness, anybody wishing to help make the world a better place is welcome to join, welcome after the order's leader has conducted a little interview to find out more about the applicant that is.

The Monastry of the Silent Pool
Run by a warrior philospher, Ashley Openhand, it is a place to perfect one's body, mind and spirit, the monks here study many lores, practice meditation and also the fighting arts. There are three orders within in the Monastry focusing on each of these three goals, but all members are encouraged to work on all areas. The Monastry is neutral in many matters, and rather inward looking, those seeking a more quieter life locked away from the world, are welcome to joing.

The Cult of the Void
Desrtuction of all things orderly and good, bringing of pain and suffer to the weak and harmless, obtaining wealth and power via anyways neccessary. If you are interested in joining an order bent on destorying the world, and maybe some other worlds too, then you are welcome to join the order, if you can find them, and if they don't kill you out of spite or just for fun. This is an order of crazy folk that is whispered about behind closed doors, they exist, it is well known, but how many of them and what they are up to is hard to say. None the less mysterious murders, or sudden appearances of undead near or in the city, are often blamed on the cult.

The Coin City Watch
The Coin city watch is an equal oppertunity employer, men and women of any race are welcome to serve the watch and help the community, if you'd like the guard city gates, patrol dark alleyways and break up bar brawls, then you are welcome to join, the pay isn't too good, but you get a warm bed, good food, companions, and occassionally a sense of Doing Something Good.