This is very much an updated as needed section, and not to be considered comprehensive of all the units in use.

Campaign Mech Technical Read Out

The campaign focus is geared towards lighter mechs, and as such the weight classes have been adjusted as well as the use of 'Ultra' Light mechs.

(10 ton, 15 ton, and 20 ton) Light Mechs
* Ultra Light Mech Notes

(25 ton and 30 ton) Medium Mechs

(35 ton and 40 ton) Heavy Mechs

(45 ton and 50 ton) Assault Mechs

(55 ton ) Op Force Only Mechs

(Non-Omni Mech ) Clan Mechs

(Omni Mech ) Clan Omni

Campaign LAM Technical Read Out

Due to the outrageous cost required to maintain LAMs, the only ones in practical use in the campaign are the Lighter Stinger and WASP LAMs.

(15 ton, and 20 ton) Light LAMs

* LAM Notes

Conventional Techncial Read Out

The campaign focus is geared towards lighter units, and as such most of the conventional units are now weigh half their original tonnage.

Fusion engines are never used for Conventional units.  They are suppose to be rare and hard to come by technology, and as such, i do not see why anyone would ever put them in fragile conventional units.

Tracked ~ 50 tons or less

Wheeled ~ 40 tons or less

Hover   ~ 25 tons or less

VTOLs   ~ 15 tons or less

* Side slip notes for Hover and VTOLs