This is a list of characters in the game, along with their current status:

Name of CharacterStatusConnection
Albert BlackthorneNPC (disused)Relative of Claire Montigny
Alfie JonesNPCInnkeeper at Allton
Amelia RosewoodNPC (disused)??
Andromeda WilkesPC (current)Allton Resident
Angeline WalshPC (current)Allton Resident
Anna MorganPC (current)Allton Resident
Arabella MontclairPC (hiatus)Allton Resident
BeaNPC(player operated)Kitchen Maid Allton Tavern
Beth DunwoodyNPC (Player operated)employee of ??
Brigadier Lionel MathisNPC (disused)friend of Tobias Winsbury
Captain Osborne PerenoldeNPC (disused)friend of Tobias Winsbury
Catherine RossiterPC (absent/disused)Allton Resident
Claire MontignyPC (absent/disused)Allton Resident
Colonel Harry FiskNPC (disused)friend of Tobias Winsbury
David ArabinPC (current)Allton Resident
Doris DimblebyNPC (player operated)Employee of Sir John Marke
Earl of BlazeyNPC (player operated)London Resident
Edward DaviesPC or NPC??Lawyer for Andromeda Wilkes
Felicity ThorntonPC (disused)Allton Resident
Francois de MontignyNPC (disused)Relative of Claire Montigny
Gabrielle de la TourNPC (disused)Relative of Claire Montigny
Genevieve ArmstrongPC (absent/disused)Allton Resident
Hannah ChamberlainNPC (player operated, absent/disused)Allton or London?? Resident
Henrietta??Montigny Household??
Hugues de MontignyNPC (disused)Relative of Claire Montigny)
James RedcliffNPC (player operated)lawyer for Andromeda Wilkes
Josiah SouthwarkNPC (disused)Relative of Claire Montigny
Karissa WolfenbergPC (hiatus/absent)London Resident
Lady Edith WallingfordNPCLondon Resident
Lady Emma NorthPC (absent)Allton Resident
Lady Victoria DarenvernPC (absent/hiatus)Allton Resident
Louis Antoine RochefortNPC (disused)Allton Resident
Marchesa Gianna di VolterraPC (current)London Resident
Major Richard Howard-Vyse, MPNPCLondon Resident
Marianne MarkeNPC (player operated, absent/disused)Allton Resident
Miriam UdallNPC (player operated)daughter of the Bishop, London Resident
Mr DunwoodyNPC (player operated)Employee of ??
Mrs. RushNPC (player operated)Employee of ??
Mrs Caroline ArmstrongNPC (player operated)Reative of Genevieve Armstrong
Mrs DunwoodyNPC (Player operated)employee of ??
Oliver MorganNPC (player operated)Father of Anna Morgan
Philip ArmstrongNPC (player operated)Relative of Genevieve Armstrong
Phineas FitchNPC (player operated)Employee of Sir Richard Rackwode
Robert MarkeNPC (player operated, absent/disused)Child relative of Sir John Marke
Rosie JonesNPC (player operated)Barmaid at Allton Tavern
Rt. Rev. Ralph UdallPC (current)Bishop of Winchester, London Resident
Sally ForthNPC (Player operated, disusedEmployee of Sir Charles Gray
Sir Charles GrayPC (Current, GMPC)Allton Resident
Sir Garrison WheatlyNPC (player operated, hiatus/absent)employee of ??
Sir John MarkePC (current)Allton Resident
Sir Richard RackwodePC (current)London Resident
Thaddeus JohnsonPC (current)Allton Resident
Tobias WinsburyPC (absent/disused)Allton Resident
Viviette WillowPC (hiatus)Allton Resident
William Anthony HoodPC (current)Allton Resident

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