The Rise and Fall of a Vodacce Prince

The end is coming. Giovanni Villanova has too many enemies. Enemies that he has dismissed as no threat. Enemies that he has not noticed. Enemies among those he trusts.

When he falls, there will be war before someone rises to take his place and Villanova will be severely weakened. People will die, many of them powerful, but even more among the pawns.

You are not numbered among the great and powerful. You are less than a pawn in the Great Game. When war comes, how will you survive?

The Rise and Fall of a Vodacce Prince is a 7th Sea game that tells the story of the death of Giovanni Villanova (possibly at the hands of the players) and the rise of a new Villanova Prince (also possibly one of the players). This necessarily involves spending most of the game in Vodacce on Villanova lands. Any and all of this may change depending on player choices.

Known NPCs