Logbook of the Alabak's Gold
Episode I


The destruction of the Death Star was a major victory for the Rebellion. The Rebels success however made Imperial forces become more hostile to rebel sympathisers and neutral systems, whilst Rebel forces are hunted throughout the galaxy.

Before the crew can deliver the transponder code into Rebel hands however they received and responded to an emergency call from Alliance agent Dana.

Episode II


In its struggle against the EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE, the Rebel Alliance has established many colonies on worlds far from the galactic core, worlds which remain hidden from the Emperor's ever-probing eyes. As long as their location is kept secret, these worlds serve as naval bases and dockyards for the Rebel Fleet as well as safe homes for Rebel agents and their families.

There is a branch of the Imperial bureaucracy which directly threatens the existence of these hidden Rebel worlds. The Imperial Survey Corps (ISC) is charged with the task of travelling the galaxy and cataloging uncharted star systems. Usually these new star systems are devoid of life. Other times they contain civilisations ripe to be taxed and oppressed by the Evil Empire.

As yet, no Imperial scout team has stumbled across a system containing an Alliance colony. But since the ISC explores and catalogues a new world every 207 minutes, it is only a matter of time before a valuable Rebel colony is discovered by agents of the Empire...

Episode III


A navigation accident has led the Empire to the mysterious and legendary water world of Sedri. Rebel spy networks carry troubling tales back to Alliance High Command, rumours that Sedri holds the secret of the Golden Sun - a secret that could give the Empire the power to crush the Rebellion once and for all.

An Alliance dignitary, young and impetuous, disappeared while checking into these disturbing rumours. Now a special team of Rebel agents must undertake a desperate mission. Guided by a half-sane Mon Calamari, they must make their way to Sedri, locate the missing dignitary, avoid Imperial entanglements and solve the mystery of the Golden Sun.

If the rumours prove even partially true, then this band of Rebels is all that stands between the Empire and total control of the Galaxy

Episode IV


These are dark days for the Alliance. Using the new Nebulon-B escort frigate and its mighty armaments, the Empire has virtually ended all raids on cargo convoys. Without the spoils from Imperial convoys, Rebel supplies have become dangerously low. This could spell the end of the Rebellion.

But all is not lost. On a remote base in the Roche Asteroid Field, Commander Ackbar and his team desperately work to complete a new starfighter capable
of neutralizing the Nebulon-B.

Even now a team of brave Rebels approach the asteroid field, under orders to pick up Ackbar, his team, and the starfighter prototypes and return them safely
to Alliance High Command. If they fail, the struggle for freedom may indeed be over. . .

Episode V


As the Rebellion against the Empire continued the Rebels need every ally they can get. Now in a remote area of space called the Elrood Sector, the Alliance has reached an agreement to trade the services of a scouting team for percentages of the metals and minerals recovered by the Radell Mining Corporation. Since the Rebellion is so desperately short of raw materials, this deal is very important to Alliance High Command.

Few details were given in the mission report that Commander Lyla received. The mission was in the report simple. The Gray Griffins, an Alliance scouting team loaned to Radell, have been captured by pirates and are being held for ransom. The Alabak's Gold must rescue the Griffins and secure any new worlds claimed for Radell Mining.

The Rebel contact with Radell is Jameth Todkal, an executive who works on the 28th floor of the Radell Mining Corporation's headquarters. The building is in the centre of the capital city of Elrooden.

There is a Rebel operative in Elrooden, Shondra Del. Lyla is supplied with an address 'Gwynn Dispatch' and an identification phrase 'we're former business partners from Keyorin'.

Rebel command have supplied Lyla with fake identicards for Rebel agents Klyn Cors, Lamar Danar, Rynn Culmar, Tera Inkari and herself.