It is the year 510 of the glorious Empire of Rokugan, and nearly 120 years since the Shogun, Akodo Mitsuyuki, the Emerald Champion, Doji Raigu, and the Imperial Chancellor, Shiba Gaijushiko, relieved the Emperor of the burden of direct rulership so that he might better contemplate the path to enlightenment.

Some hundred years ago, in the year 413, the Ki-Rin Clan returned to the Empire after their long wanderings.  But the joy of their return was mixed with disappointment in the Scorpion Clan who, unable to fulfill their duties to the throne, were disbanded--their Families finding homes among other Clans.

Tragedy again struck in 442, when Hantei Yugozohime, the Voice of the Emperor--and foster daughter to the Shogun himself--was slain during the Battle of White Stag.  The loss of his sister sent Hantei VII into deep mourning, and, in order to maintain organization among the diplomats, the Imperial Council created the office of the Amethyst Champion until such a time as the Emperor was fit to name another Voice.

It is a blessed time to live in the Emerald Empire.  The Emperor's brother, Hantei Jama has returned from his musha shugyo bearing the fruits of his studies--blades fashioned by the finest smith of the generation, Asahina Yajinden--and word of far distant lands.  It is the year of the Imperial Census, when the prosperity of Rokugan is to be reported to the Emperor.  And it is the time of the Amethyst Championship, when the finest courtiers of the land gather to test their talents against one another.

But everywhere, there are rumors of rebellion brewing--those who would disturb the Emperor's contemplation and force upon him the cares of the world.  Everywhere, there is word of evil portents and bloody dreams, of dark powers rising in the shadows.  And there is only one name whispered by eta and samurai alike:  Iuchiban.


Kyuden Doji