A wiki to contain all the details for my adaptation of Ultima V using the Genesys roleplaying game.

Game info, monsters, geography, and more will be found here as I build and update the wiki.

Bestiary: A detailed list of creatures and monsters encountered by the party.  Also continually updated.
Geography: A list of places you can explore within Britannia.  To be updated as the party explores.
Magic: A repository of spells found in Britannia and the Ultima series.
Moongates: A place to explain the significance of moongates and explain how they work
People: A list of people, both famous, infamous, and otherwise, that you will encounter in your travels.
Virtues: The eight Virtues established by the Avatar of legend

A summary chart for your convenience:

MoonglowPhase 1 (new moon)Honesty Deceit
BritainPhase 2 (1/4 waxing)Compassion Despise
JhelomPhase 3 (1/2 waxing)Valour Destard
YewPhase 4 (3/4 waxing)Justice Wrong
MinocPhase 5 (full moon)Sacrifice Coveteous
TrinsicPhase 6 (3/4 waning)Justice Shame
Skara BraePhase 7 (1/2 waning)Spirituality Hythloth
New MaginciaPhase 8 (1/4 waning)Humility None Known