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All vampires were once human until they received the 'embrace' which turned them into what they are now. To all intents and purposes a vampire appears human, having the same form as they did when embraced. However, they never age or die.

Origin: Eastern Europe.


Contrary to popular belief sunlight does not harm a vampire. Vampires can quite happily walk about in broad daylight. Also, garlic doesn't harm them, nor do holy symbols. A stake through the heart will immobilize one, however and if you remove their heads from their bodies then they are dead. Fire is another good way of finishing them off.

Vampires need blood to survive. This must be human blood and it must be direct from the living source. They only need one or two pints a week and so it is not necessary for vampires to kill. Vampires can drink the blood of other vampires (a very pleasant experience for both donor and recipient) but they need non-vampire blood to live off.

Vampires tend to be faster and stronger than humans. They are immune to disease and toxins and don't really need to breathe as such. Many of them are capable of learning magic and can become great sorcerers.

Contrary to popular belief vampires do not turn into bats. Nor can they mesmerize victims. Feeding is a pleasurable experience both for donor and recipient.

A vampire can give a human some of their blood in order to heal wounds and cure disease. They can also give a larger amount to permanently alter the human, making them age slower and giving them immunity to disease and toxins. A human bound in this way also remains in constant telepathic communication with their master.

A vampire can make another vampire by embracing them. They do this by draining them until they are near death, and then offering the human their own blood. The human passes out and after they wake they are a vampire themselves.

Vampires heal wounds and regenerate lost limbs very quickly. Unless they are burned to a crisp or beheaded they cannot die.