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Succubus / Incubus

A Succubus (female) and an Incubus (male) (plural Succubi / Incubi) are minor demons from Jewish and medieval folklore. Some attribute their creation to Satan himself. However, more learned occultists know that the original succubi and incubi were created by Lillith - the goddess of sexual pleasure and female liberation. Some 'copies' made by Satan may exist, but for all intents and purposes these creatures all have the same abilities regardless of who or what created them.

A Succubus needs to feed off the sexual energy from living beings. They only need a small amount to feed, and mere sexual arousal can energize them. However, they do need to take some life force from someone during orgasm at regular intervals. In doing so the 'victim' is weakened and requires some sleep to recover.

They are able to increase arousal in living creatures to make them more receptive. They cannot control or take over the minds of others, but can reduce their inhibitions without compromising their free will.

Many of these demons know magic spells and rituals, usually centered around fertility and sex.

Those Succubi / Incubi created by Satan are particularly vulnerable to holy ground (ground consecrated by a Jewish or Christian practitioner) and holy water is particularly harmful to them. Those created by Lillith do not have this vulnerability.

A succubi can grow wings and claws at will, giving them the ability to fly and also to rend and tear at enemies.