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Also known as mermaids. These creatures are half human and half fish. They tend to live in cities under the sea but are able to shed their fish half and live on land.

Origin: Eastern Europe.


Underwater Adaptation: A siren's body possesses a number of abilities that make life under the waves comfortable. Most obviously, they can breathe underwater, and actually benefit more from filtering oxygen out of the water than they do from breathing air on land. That, combined with the physical transformations they undergo, makes them frighteningly fast swimmer and far more powerful than a human with their frame would normally be. Their bodies are also surprisingly resilient against the high pressures, low temperatures, and absence of light that can be found deep below the surface.

Water Magic: On land, this is limited to conjuring small amounts of water, usually in a pressurized jet that can repel those that wish to harm them but that leaves little actual lasting damage. Underwater, their magic can be truly terrifying, capable of swelling the ocean with a rogue wave that can topple ships.

Enchanting Voice: Humans that hear sirens speak can easily fall under their mental influence if they so choose to employ there gifts. Typically, this just means becoming obsessed with them in some form, though it's also possible for them to give commands to those particularly entranced.

Mermaid's Gift: They can temporarily magically imbue others with many of the physical benefits they enjoy in mermaid form. Classically, this is used to save drowning humans that catch a siren's fancy for whatever reason, and can be passed on to them by touching their lips. Any touch at all will do, though some prefer to make it a kiss.