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Note: Some of this detail comes from my other game- In Cog We Trust - and was compiled by my good friend Amyante.

Lycans are shape shifters that can transform into huge wolves at will. In human form they are pretty much like humans except that they heal much faster than normal. In wolf form they are strong and swift.

Lycans come under a class of shifters called Therianthropes - Meaning that when in animal form they appear to look exactly like a normal animal, sometimes a larger version of one, but otherwise normal.

Shifters cannot be Turned, only Born. If the father is a Shifter, the child, regardless of gender, has a 50% chance of being a Shifter as well. If the mother is a Shifter, due to constant exposure of the fetus that chance is 100%. A woman pregnant with a Shifter baby will not become a Shifter herself, though there may be some behavioral changes associated with hormonal imbalances during the pregnancy. There is a good chance that pregnancy could kill a human mother if the child is a shifter.

Lycans retain some wolf like qualities in human form. They have keener hearing and smell and increased stamina.

Contrary to popular belief lycans don't need human flesh to survive. Any animal will do, but they need meat in larger quantities than humans do.

Lycans organise themselves into packs. The leader of the pack is the alpha and is usually the strongest and most aggressive.

The beta is the alpha's first in command and the one that normally deals out justice to the lower members of the pack that don't fall in line.

The gammas are the warriors and hunters of the group. Subserviant but powerful.

Finally the omegas are the remaining members that act as worker, negotiators, or servants to the higher ranks.

Rising up the ranks is usually done via contents of strength. Brutal fights can occur and the loser is either killed or exiled from the pack.

There are occasional "lone wolves" that do not have a pack at all, but these are rare.

A werewolf transformation is always painful. This means that a werewolf is very vulnerable during transformation. Some werewolves can halt mid-transformation (the War Form), becoming a monstrous mixture of man and beast.

A specially charged pentagram, if put on a chain and worn by a werewolf, will prevent them from taking wolf form.

Lycans can heal up to four times faster from wounds and injuries than a regular Human would. This also means that they are also more likely to survive severe injuries due to their bodies generating platelets at a high speed.

A Lycan touching silver suffers from fast onset rashes, blisters and feelings of nausea and malaise.

In essence a side effect of their Fast Healing. Due to their body working at a high rate, Lycans need about twice as much food and drink per day as a regular Human to sustain themselves, and every Transformation requires the equivalent of a full meal to fuel the process.

A side effect of their keen hearing, loud or piercing noises can disorientate a lycan and can easily give one a migraine.

Compatibility with other creatures

With Vampires

There is no racial rivalry between vampires and lycans. This is based on vampires, being vulnerable to blood loss, generally tending to favor white-collar jobs as entrepreneurs and independent contractors, often having their children work for them in order to keep a closer eye on them while they get accustomed to their new bodies, whereas the pack mentality and preference to work with their hands has Lycans naturally gravitate towards blue-collar jobs such as construction. No real rivalry there, but occasionally it gets to be Yankees vs. Red Sox.

There is no such thing as a vampire lycan or a ghoul lycan. Although a vampire can sustain themselves on lycan blood, a lycan cannot be turned by a vampire nor can they become a ghoul after feeding 3 times.