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Hulijing / Kitsune

Hulijing (Chinese) and Kitsune (Japanese) are shape-shifting foxes. They are able to switch between human and fox form at will

Origin: China and Japan


At first, at age 50, Hulijing/Kitsune can adopt a single human form, that of a beautiful man or woman, but as they age they learn more and more until by a century they're capable masters of sensory deception.  The one difficulty they have is with their tails.  It takes concentration to keep the tails hidden when in non-fox forms, and that concentration can be disrupted by extreme situations or by simple fatigue: in an ideal set of circumstances the tails will come back in about four or five hours.  To this end they tend to favor clothing that can be used to hide the tails: baggy trousers for male forms, or long jackets to cover, and female forms tend to favor long, flowing skirts.

Hulijing/Kitsune begin with 1 tail. Every 100 years they grow another tail, with every tail giving them a power boost. They grow a maximum of 9 tails, and at 1,000 years old they'd become a celestial fox and ascend to the heavens. Hulijing/Kitsune are considered adults at 50 due to that being the required age to have a Human form.

Hulijing/Kitsune elders (9 tailed) can also adopt the form of a spectral (nine-tailed) fox which acts in many ways like a ghost: insubstantial, glowing, able to fly.  A fox in this form can only physically interact with other spectral beings or items.  To interact with normal matter they have to shift back into physical form (fox or otherwise).

As magical beings, most Hulijing/Kitsune develop specific magical abilities as they age, having an affinity for learning the subject. They may develop one special magical ability for every 100 years of growth. The nature of which can be decided between player and GM. Some of them also act as witch's familiars.

Hulijing/Kitsune are imperfect shape shifters. There's always clues, even in the most consummately perfect of shiftings, that give away a Hulijing/Kitsune.  Most people won't spot them except as perhaps slight oddities: slightly pointed ears, say, or irises too big for the eyes, or just a certain wildness of mannerism and form.  Those in the know, however, will know they're dealing with something non-human and, if familiar with Chinese legends, might even guess as to the nature of the being.  (And then, of course, there's also the nine fox tails which Hulijing/Kitsune have a DEVIL of a time keeping suppressed for any length of time.)

Hulijing/Kitsune are terrible at cooperation.  Not with humans.  They're great at that.  (It's how they procreate after all!)  With each other.  There is NO sense of racial solidarity and, in fact, Hulijing/Kitsune in the territory of another may find themselves in a passive-aggressive fight with someone viewing them as an invader.

Vanity is also a huge problem among Hulijing/Kitsune.  Like cats and curiosity, foxes and vanity go hand in hand.

As Hulijing/Kitsune gain tails, so to do they gain abilities. Here are some of the abilities thay can gain (They gain one for each tail they grow):

Foxfire:  By rubbing their tails (only in fox form) they can produce either fire or lighting. This becomes a weapon and they can also create small balls of fire, and use these as lights, thrown weapons, or as toys.

The Kitsune's Ball: Hulijing/Kitsune have things called kitsune balls. What this is, is a small white ball. It doesn't glow, but it focuses energy and power for them. The kitsune guard this ball closely, and if you can get your hands on one, you can have the kitsune promise to aid you.

Seduction: They can actually take over the mind of a target if they lock gazes with them. While under the control of the kitsune, the victim sees, thinks, and lives in a world designed by the kitsune, all inside the target's mind. The target is controlled until someone breaks the magic the kitsune's using. This mind control is purely by magic, mind you, and can be broken by certain magics, or wards.

Illusion: To a kitsune, their illusions are reality. What they make, for them, and for others, is as real as anything found or crafted in nature. Anything that a kitsune builds or transforms, becomes what the kitsune desired. A kitsune can make people, animals, and objects, which can't be distinguished from the real thing. The more kitsune team up to make things, the more can be made. A handful of kitsune can build a city if they desired.