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Fae are extremely attractive magical creatures that can pass for human. In order to do this they apply an illusion about themselves (a glamour) that makes them seem less supernatural than they are. They are synonymous with elves of myth and legend.

Origin: Celtic mythology (Irish, Welsh, Scottish mainly)


Fae are immortal and immune to disease and toxins. They also have the ability to create and manipulate light to various effects to create blasts of light and even to create holographic illusions. They are also, through complex ritual, able to open interdimensional portals to travel between dimensions.

Finally, they have the ability to harmonize with the energy of others and thereby manipulate their dreams. Under here command elements of a dream may spring to life in the waking world as (photonic holograms). Fae can control such creatures for a time (even after the dreamer awakes) but without constant concentration, they fade like any other forgotten dream. When pressed a fae has been able to invade a target's mind and assume control over the form of mortals while they sleep.