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Bastet / Neko

The Bastet are humans that can transform into cats. They range in ability depending on what cat they can transform into. But they all share similar qualities. All bastet are independent but territorial. They all move gracefully and have an innate gymnastic ability. They have a tendency toward vanity.

Bastet are able to see even in extremely low light conditions. They have a telepathic ability, allowing them to read the surface thoughts of unshielded individuals and to transmit their own thoughts.

In human form they take on some characteristics of their cat form:-

Tigers - The tend to be stronger and more violent than the other bastet.

Cheetahs - They tend to be very swift, especially over short distances.

Panthers - They excel at stealth and subterfuge.

Domestic cats - They are the most human friendly and less vain and tend to be both playful and seductive. They are also talented at manipulating Kai energy and so are often companions to witches.

Like Lycans, bastet heal wounds at a very rapid rate. They also have the ability to come back from the dead a total of nine times.

A bastet's saliva is said to be able to heal the wounds of others.