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RTJ Information

You may submit more than one character.

Use the code below to create a character submission form to post with your RTJ. Just follow the prompts. DON'T FEEL DAUNTED BY THE FORM. You can leave some sections blank if you prefer.

We reserve the right to reject application and / or put applications on hold. This will become more relevant as we get more players. The aim here is get a good mix of characters so that EVERYONE may have somebody to interact with (including us GMS / NPCS). This means selection will be based on balancing out gender and sexual orientations where possible.


<u><b>ZERO - ABOUT THE PLAYER</b></u>

This section is entirely optional. Please don't waste time in the RTJ asking why this section exists, or complaining that it does. You can ignore it and NOT fill it in. Not filling it in will in no way affect your rtj being accepted or not.

<b>Name / nickname:</b>
<b>RL Gender:</b>
<b>Location / Country:</b>
<b>Tell us something about yourself (roleplay related or otherwise):</b>

<u><b>ONE - AVAILABILITY</b></u>

<b>Expected Posting Times / Frequency:</b> (required)

You will need to be able to commit to at least 2 posts per week.


<b>Place of Birth:</b>
<b>Blood type:</b>
<b>Occupation / purpose:</b>
<b>Sexual Orientation:</b>If bisexual please give a gender preference.
<b>Theme Tune (optional):</b>


You should include such things as hair and eye colour, facial features, body shape. Also include quality of voice, how they move, distinguishing marks, posture and how they like to dress. You may also use images but make sure they aren't copyrighted and you aren't bandwidth stealing.


This is the personality that the outside world sees and also how they really are.


Character history, family member names, occupations, notable features, are they still alive?


This section is optional. You can provide details of any characters or NPCs that you would like your character to have contact with. This can include future hopes for contacts with characters / GMPCs. This can be existing characters or new ones. In the case of new ones please indicate if you would like them to be assigned to you or played by a GM. With existing characters there is no guarantee that such associations will be approved.

<b><u>Dark and dirty secrets</u></b>

This is again optional. Your character may be harbouring a dark / dirty secret. This could be a black flaw in their personality, or a traumatic event from their past. But it should be something that would cause the character great pain if it was revealed.

<b><u>THREE - PLOT HOOKS</u></b>

This is also optional. This gives you a chance to explain what you are looking for in this game. Want romance? Describe your ideal partner. Got an idea for a plot / situation? Detail it here. The more detail you give the more I can help you. Anything you add here will help to provide side plots for your character.

<b><u>FOUR - WRITING SAMPLE</u></b>

I'm not looking for a masterpiece here. Just a good grasp of grammar and a decent amount of writing ability. Write something from your charater's past (near past or distant past).