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Public Services


Child minding services are provided by the Edith Jones Nursey. Named after its founder, Edith Jones, who died in the early 1900's, this is both a creche and a nursey school. It is actually run by Ivor Llewellyn, who is headmaster of St Utar's Primary School.


St Utar's Primary School provides the main place of education for the infants and juniors of the town. It is run by Ivor Llewellyn, a man with a great deal of business sense, and a man who believes in children as the future of the community.

Classes are quite small. There are around six classes for each year group and each class holds about 10-15 pupils.

The School Grounds are often used for fundraising and social events and the school is mainly funded by charitable donations.

St Utar secondary school provides education for adolescents.

In an attempt to breathe life back into the village, a university was erected on the outskirts of St Utar in the late 1800s. The university was founded by Dylan Morgan, a wealthy landowner. Now Dylan Morgan University is attracted a good deal of international students, especially those interested in languages and the arts.


The police presence in the town consists of a small office with a desk seargent, a chief police officer and 2 constables. Crime is reraltively low here. The station also has a series of small holding cell which are rarely occupied.

Fire Sevices

The town has one fire station that has a staff of five. They run an out of date fire engine, but are trained to tackle the most stressful of situations.

Medical Services

There are 2 resident doctors in the town who run their practice here. The nearest hospital is in Cardiff, about 20 miles away. As a result there is a small emergency theater for delivering emergency first aid and a single hospital bed.


St Utar has a local and frequent bus service pluas one main out of town service. The public service leaves for Cardiff every two hours starting at 6:00am and returning an hour later. The last bus leaves St Urat at 11:00pm and arrives at 12:00am