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Places of Interest

St Utar Church

Situated just off from the center of the village, this ancient structure is built on the foundations of a Roman church and has existed longer than the village has. It is a catholic church currently run by Father Daniel Simon, who plays a major role as both spiritual leader and consellor for the village folk.

The church holds a Wednesday and a Sunday service and is open to the public. For weddings, christening and funerals, please contact the priest.

St Utar Town Hall

This old victorian building is the central focal point of the town and where many functions and events are held. There is a democratic council meeting held every sunday afternoon after church service where townies get together to talk over local issues. On Friday evenings there are two hour dance lessons run by Ms Miyamoto.

St Utar Library

The library has undergone extensive modernization in recent years. There are now 4 terminals with perminent wireless internet connections. Books can be reserved and the library searched online. The library will even order in books that they do not have provided they consider the demand high enough, or if a small contribution is paid.

The library prides itself as being in posession of some quite rare and obscure books. For further information ask one of the librarians.

Dylan Morgan University

Founded by Dylan Morgan, a rich businessman and devout catholic, this University was built in 1893 and has developed into a center of international learning. As well as offering studies in Welsh language and culture it also offers foreign students a chance of learning English. It offers a variety of subjects in a wide range of languages but excels in Art, Psychology and Theology. It even offers some unusual specialist courses including things like holistic medicine, Reiki massage, and parapsychology.

The Traveller

This is a camping shop selling all sorts of outdoor sports equipment as well as camping gear. They don't get a lot of business, mainly due to the lack of tourists. Having said that, their prices are very competitive.

Allt Ddraig (Dragon's wood)

This is a large expanse of natural forest that stretches out to the north of the village. The half nearest the village has public walkways allowing people to take walks along the forest's edge and making it an ideal area for camping and picnics. Further inwards the forest is quite dense and there is no public access into the forest. The forest itself is under protection from the national trust. No hunting is allowed, nor is trespassing beyond the confines of the public walkways. The forest is patrolled nightly by a keeper that has a house just on the outskirts of the forest itself.

Caregos Y Ddraig (The Dragon Stones)

There is a small public walkway that leads to a clearing in which lie 5 worn boulders. These "Dragon Stones" are said to be the remains of an ancient druidic temple built in veneration of the moon. There are many local rumours surrounding these stones and as such they have become a sort of tourist attraction - not that St. Utars attracts many tourists.

Daint Y Ddraig (The Dragon's Tooth)

This is a small tooth-shaped outcrop of land along the southern coastline. It is also the spot on which sits the Dragon Tooth Inn, a pub / guesthouse that also serves excellent food.

The Boathouse

There are a few small time sea fishermen that live in the village and this boathouse compises the main docks for this enterprise. You can hire a boat to go fishing here as well.

The Mariner's Rest

This small pub also sells seafood. It also overlooks the boathouse and the sea itself.

The Lighthouse

Situated on an outcrop of land to the west of the boathouse. The lighthouse is now mainly a decorative feature, but its ancient oil lamp is still lit at night.

Camu Carega Yn Chythraul (The Devil's Stepping Stone)

This is a small islet about a mile and a half off shore. Most of the firshermen won't go near it, as there is an old superstition that the rock is cursed.