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Haven Homesteads

Welcome to Haven Homesteads. Here are our buildings for sale to PCs



Built in the 1920s by a local businessman, Threshold is a large Edwardian style mansion built overlooking the beach. It is a three story building, built in a dark, Gothic style.

The grounds of the house are rendered in cobblestone and there are various exotic plants that have been kept healthy by this agency. The main entrance gate is a wrought iron affair, providing a deliciously ancient feel. Directly behind the house lies a gazebo rendered in black oak, great for outdoor parties. To the west of this is an old stable that used to house horses but could now be put to many uses. To the east of it is a large ornate pond complete with a statue of a satyr surrounded by dancing nymphs. In the southwest corner is a tool shed and a garage lies in the southeast.

The house itself dominates the center of the grounds. It is made out of dark grey stone. Each room has a large bay window with a black latticework frame. The southern facing apex of the ground floor leads to a black porch surrounding large double doors with a pull-chain bell.

Atop the center of the three story structure sits "The Tower", a large cylindrical structure that is composed almost entirely of reinforced glass for its walls and ceiling.

The entrance hall opens up into the main hall which has a set of spiral stairs going up through the center of the building across all floors. There is also a spacious parlor and an equally spacious kitchen, a dining room and a ballroom with great acoustics and even a stage.

The first floor consists of two guest bedrooms and a large master bedroom with a huge four poster bed. There is also a bathroom and a library on this floor.

Finally the tower itself is converted into a large workshop and study.

The property also has a wine Cellar.

This is a great buy for a newcomer to St Utar wanting a large detached mansion with easy access to the town itself.