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Game Rules

This game is adult rated and therefore may contain nudity, sexual themes, violence, strong language and ideologically sensitive material. So consider yourself herewith warned.

Players in this game must of the age of majority in their place of residence or at least 18 years old, whichever is higher. If you are under that age or do not want to take part in scenes with the above described content: DO NOT APPLY TO THIS GAME.

This is a game for mature writers and those interested and serious will have a place here. It is not primarily an Erotic Roleplay Game, but may and probably will contain erotic scenes (within RPOL policies).
The game is built to have a certain level of realistic behavior in all situations, so try to stick to common sense. If unsure, you can always ask the GM.

Any character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of will be requested to edit the offending post accordingly. Please try not to confuse character (or IC) knowledge with player (or OOC) knowledge. Likewise, what happens in the OOC stays in the OOC.

Any attempt to become in essence somebody who can do practically anything without limits or boundaries or hi-jack other players' characters will be sanctioned. You are here to play your character, not everyone else's.

When posting please consider the following:
- Your character's logical thoughts about what is happening
- Your character's emotional thoughts about what is happening
- What, if any, actions your character takes to affect his/her environment
- What, if any, dialogue your character says.
1-line posts are considered to be rude and players who consistently don't post more than a dozen or so words might be removed from the game. If you consider and write about the four things above you should have at least four lines in your post.

If you're going to be away from the game, please send a notice via PM or post in the Absence thread. Disappearing without a word keeps your fellow players waiting, stalls threads and creates unnecessary work for everyone. If you are gone without warning for over a week, you will be removed.
If you will be away for longer than a week, remove your character from any situations they might be in with other characters, so that the other players won't be stuck waiting for a response.

- Please write in narrative 3rd-person past tense. (Example: She liked him.)
- Please keep it easy for others to distinguish what is being said and what you are thinking. Italics is for thoughts. I would also like everyone to choose a color to represent your speech BUT I reserve the color Red STRICTLY for the GM's use.
- ALL CAPS and/or exclamation marks (!) means that you are shouting. (Example: "I LIKE YOU!")

- There is a locations thread that you can use to find all locations in the game.
- Please mark your first post with the text INTRO
- When leaving a location mark your destination at the end of your post e.g. (To Boating Lake)
- When entering a location mark your arrival at the beginning of your post e.g (From Lakeside Park)

Sexual RP is indeed allowed as it is part of what it means to be a grown up. BUT, you should always check what you propose with your writing partner. No sexual harassment of other players will be tolerated and the RP has to be within the RPoL guidelines. While you are generally encouraged to socialize with your fellow players, sexual scenes with NPCs are possible, but of course have to be discussed with the GM first. Please don't run into a brothel, drop your pants and expect us to take it from there.

In the end, the GM has the final say in everything and therefore can rule exceptions to these rules - but don't count on it.