Matron Mother: Triel Baenre



House Baenre:

House Barrison Del'Armgo:

House Xorlarrin:

House Zauthril: It was Yvonnel Baenre who originally raised Zauthril to the status of noble House. Yet the old Matron is dead, and Triel is an entirely different creature from her mother. Unlike Yvonnel, Triel has never seen anything special in House Zauthril. It was Triel who first demanded that house Zauthril do its part for the war effort by offering up its mushrooms and Rothe meat to feed the soldiers. She has turned a deaf ear to any request that the other Houses once again pay for the supplies they take from Zauthril. Despite this, relationships between members of these two Houses is still generally amiable. The First House of Menzoberranzan spends little time worrying about the Fifteenth House of the city, any more than a spider might concern itself with the opinion of a fly caught in its web. Baenre has a strength equal to any other three Houses, and if Triel Baenre does not wish to pay for the goods she takes, there is very little House Zauthril can do about it.

House Zolond:

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