The Coin city watch is an equal oppertunity employer, men and women of any race are welcome to serve the watch and help the community, if you'd like the guard city gates, patrol dark alleyways and break up bar brawls, then you are welcome to join, the pay isn't too good, but you get a warm bed, good food, companions, and occassionally a sense of Doing Something Good

Current head of the City Watch is a half-orc by the name of Eerrleef

The city watch is run from the Western Ward of the City of coin where they own a fort where most of the training and storing of arms and armour is done. The higher ups have their offices here, and there is a two storey dungeong complex below the castle that passes for the city prison.

There are also guard houses in each of the three other wards, where there are barracks, holding cells, offices and other offices for the patrols. Guard members spend several months working in a particular ward, patrolling or on guard duty, and then are moved to another ward. This helps to keep the guardsmen knowledgable about all parts of the city. The city watch can call upon the miltia for back up, and also have traditional right to demand the services of any of the city guilds or orders, to help protect the city and its citizens.

The standard uniform of the city watch is a light blue tunic with a longsword, club, shield and chain mail armour. Some guardsman carry crossbows and the watch keeps heavier armour and weapons in the watch houses if they are really expecting trouble. All patrols carry horns that they can blow for assistance from other patrols. A standard patrol is made up of 4 or 6 guardsman, the guards have learnt the concept of saftey in numbers over the years, Coin can be a rough city on occassions.

Rank within the guard from bottom up.
patrol man/woman

2nd patrol captain  2nd in charge of patrol group

patrol captain- leads 6 guard standard patrol.

2nd Ward Captain Day and 2nd Ward Captain Night

Ward Captain Day and Ward Captain Night

Each ward has a main watch house where the movements of the guard are managed by the Ward Captain. There is one for each ward for day and night watch they are all equal ranking, although traditionally a ward captain has the say in his or her own ward if there is a conflict of interests.

2nd Day Captain and 2 Night Captain- runs the administration of the watch across all the wards for day to day matters. This is very much a desk job at the Watch Castle where training, barracks and such are kept.

Guard Captain- the head of the watch who answers only to the Mayor of Coin, as well as the Council of Coin which is made up of the guild, church and merchant heads of the city. Traditionally however the Guard Captain has complete power in matters of upholding the law, including the theoretical right to arrest any guild leader or also even the mayor.