Eorman is a general dogsbody for the Wizards Guild. The humble servant will undertake a wide variety of tasks that his masters do not have the time to complete themselves or that he is better suited too. He is dutiful and loyal to the guild. His only other loyal is his mother. Eorman's mother Ailwin lives in the South Ward of Coin.

He has fair skin, high cheek bones and angular features are attractive and he can be charismatic. Often his grey eyes spent too much time looking for threats or concentrating on the errand at hand rather than charming people however.

A servant of the prestigious Mage's Guild his clothes are of good quality fitting with his service. Unlikely to have to face many dangers of a physical nature within the city or the guildhouse Eorman is usually only armed with a functional knife, he has however been trained in arms for when any wizard may need an escort out of town or to some place where danger may lurk.

Recently when the sun is down he is often seen in darkness and shrouded in his cloak leaving the Mage Guild grounds.

The servant's accommodation in the guild is much like the students. Each cell had enough room for a bed, chest, desk and wardrobe. There is always a ready supply of parchment and ink so on the desk is Eorman's Journal.