Eerrleef, was born in the slums of the city and he has seen plenty of the nastier side of the city, unlike many born into his lot in life however this half-orc has risen above and became a respected member of the city. Many opened minded citizens talk about how its wonderful to have somebodly like him in charge of the watch as a brilliant example to those others with similiar backgrounds, some others talk about how its terrible that a brutish half monster runs the watch, but no matter what, the streets are kept quite safe, and the guardsman generally will have no ill spoken of their commander within earshot, or bowshot for that matter.

Eerrleef is said to be a big drinker, and to have a bit of a temper, he keeps to himself when not on offical business, however and is rarely seen drinking outside in any establishment. Recently he has taken it upon himself to try to root out the assassin's guild in the city, an honourable, if somewhat dangerous undertaking, some privately place bets on how long Eerrleef will have until he "retires".