The three major city states of the Free Plains are Coin, Redum and Tharim. Under Coin, the wealthiest city of the area, suggestion the three cities created an army that is jointly run, although really mainly listens to Coin, to protect the plains from any danger. The army of three mainly patrols the trade roads and sweeps the country side to remove any monsters or humanoid tribes that make too much trouble. This has allowed trade to grow nicely. It has also ensured that the Iron King and the northern barbarian tribes know that they would face a joint army if they were ever to try and attack the city states of the Free Plains.

Coin pays for the army from its vast coffers, Tharim smelts the arms and weapons of the army and Redum ensures the army is well fed and supplied with everyday items. In a time of need the other small city states-really just towns, and villages have promised to provide soldiers to booster the army. So far the army has never had an actual war, but there have been plenty of humanoids, monsters, and bandits to fight. Even the occassional troublesome band of barbarians to be chased back into their own lands. Still working in the Army of Three provides plenty of adventure and warriors and adventurers are always welcome to join up and serve their city.

Maxwell was once a militia member of the Army of Three, but has once returned to civilian life.