No one entity or nation funded the exploration of the stars. Many of the organizations (See list below) all had stakes in the new regions. Even with the binding force of the United Earth Treaty forcing each collection of nations to fund and arm the SDF along with work in cooperation. It was still very much akin to the colonial race in the 18th and 19th centuries of Earth's history. Among our own solar system there was bids for planets and the right to build colonies on them. Mars being largely controlled by the CSTO, the Moon and Venus being largely in the grasp of NATO nations while lastly the Alliance maintained stations in Jupiter's orbit and colonies on her many moons.

Due to the UET the SDF's ships are a wide diverse array of ships from each faction. The exploration fleets were funded and put together in a much similar fashion but many broke off after exiting the portal. Each expedition leader given secret orders or fueled by centuries of animosity. It wasn't till in the later expeditions this problem was fixed by the new Earth Committee (Formed shortly after the first expeditions were sent) and the factions were forced to work together. The Committee made sure that each faction contributed evenly to the missions. The fleets were often led by an IEC designated Commander. However the interest had never changed from the fractured attempts in the past, to expand humanities grasp.

After all it is our destiny to walk among the stars.

List of current orgnizations;
Organization of American States (OAS)
Council of Europe (COE)
Asian Cooperation League (ACL)
African and Arab Union (AAU)
Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)