F-Net dossier by WizardofOz_Salvanic: "What everyone should know about our first intergalactic hop - a simplistic summary of Salvana for the unenlightened."

System: SAL-0x8a
Name: Salvana
Distance: 2700 ly
Star: Salvana
Planets: 2 Gas giants
Orbits: Large asteroid belt, dust cloud ring permeates the system


Drone has a memory time blank of 15 hours 25 min and 23 seconds where all data streams report null data between radiation exposures. This time lapse is hypothesized to be the time between the probe entering the rift in Sol and exiting in the system now named Salvana.

First readings from drone are very confusing and assumed incorrect due to potential damage incurred by the vessel during travel.  Scientists battled over the myriad of possibilities a find like this could  mean, but it was discarded as impossible incorrect readings.

  The most surprising aspect of it all was it's star that was extremely unstable and looked like a new system in galactic terms.  However other objects around it indicated the system was much older.  It confused the scientific community that the radiation and infrared readings from the system as observed from earth indicated it was a much older system with an older star; once it was properly triangulated and located as a system closer to the core of the galaxy Carina-Sagitarius arm of the galaxy.

Another confusing factor was the extremely pure metallic asteroid belt around the gas giant that hosts the rift.  Readings indicate a very homogeneous alloy of steel and ceramics.  From this data came the development of the shielding that allows our ships to cross through the rift.


Compiling data from later probes showed the existence of other rifts quickly expanding our exploration of other points in the galaxy, leaving us with little actual data on Salvana since only 2 gas giants and an asteroid belt were located.  The hunger for a habitable planet pushed any interest in Salvana quickly away, and drove all efforts by governments and corporate boards to find the dream of a clean unspoiled planet.  Aside from being a potential refueling post for further exploration it was quickly ignored.

There could be so much more missed, ignored or unreported by the corps or hidden from the public by the Govs for 'our protection'


On the Free-net, the only truly free forum left where people have the opportunity to live a life as the wish and dream (Salve F-net), fully anonymized of course, theories began to spring up about the findings. Taking every bit of data and expanding upon it to its utmost possibilities.  Everyone 'knows' the corporations don't want us to know the truth.  Humanity was once great in the galaxy, Salvana is the graveyard of their last stand against the alien threat, and we are the result of seed we left for our return.  Or at least that is what all the 'faithful' on the F-net want to believe.