A There is a common saying among citizens outside of the SDF & IEC about the discovery of new life. "If an IEC pilot were to discover new life he would poke it with a stick to see what it would do. If a SDF pilot were to discover new life he would keep poking it with a stick so it could not do anything."

For many years the SDF has been on the decline and the IEC has been on the rise. Many ships with long proud military histories and traditions have be neutered of their weapons and refitted as science vessels. The SDF has presented doomsday scenarios as to why they should remain strong and in control of a majority of vessels for many years. No one summed it up better then The Captain of the Lonestar just before it was decommissioned from the military for science refitting. "In science, one can be wrong over and over again and still science marches on. In war, one can only be wrong once before the marching ends."

On the flip side the IEC pilots see mankind at edge of a new age of discovery and withholding resources is literally delaying the progress of the entire race. The believe that knowledge and reason will pull mankind further and further away from the animalistic violence of their evolutionary past.

However, their are some IEC pilots the SDF see as kindred spirits. The IEC Hurricane pilots are brave men of science. Their small star fighter size scout ships were named for the pilots that would fly into the eye of a hurricane to collect science data. It is these pilots that test new equipment and are sent into unknown environments to see it is safe for others.