Preliminary non-human testing result:

Test Subjects (A): 4 Male and 4 female Sus scrofa domestica or Domestic Pig
Test Subjects (B): 12 male rodents and 18 female of the Peromyscus leucopus species or  American white-footed mouse.

Test subjects are healthy and of average weight and size for their species.  One quarter are cloned and the other quarter are genetically enhanced for harsh environment survival.

Upon return it was observed that all cloned specimen were lifeless with no apparent trace of radiation on any of the deceased subjects.  Readings from monitoring devices indicate cloned subjects, regardless of species, were lifeless as soon as the vessel emerged in the Salvana system.  Necropsy of the recovered corpses showed no clear cause of death as bodies were perfectly intact.   Time of death is estimated at almost 34 hrs from recovery, which discounting time in the Salvana system and time for recovery and sampling, is the round trip travel time estimated from probe analysis.  This essentially means the clones were dead as soon as they entered the rift.

Subjects genetically altered subjects return healthy and unharmed and no correlation is found with death of cloned subjects.

Initial analysis of all subjects shows they are in good health just as they left. However DNA analysis shows all subjects are standard natural born species.  Also subjects implanted with cancerous cells to study their reaction to potential radiation leakage show no trace of cancerous tissues.  Verification of records, logs and inventories show correct tagging and loading of genetically modified subjects.

Photo analysis of subjects before travel, at Salvana and once returned inexplicably show a complete lack of warts, blemishes or visible imperfections, even mice who presented chewed ears, broken tails or scars from testing or operations have no trace of these.

This prompts closer analysis of DNA and shows all cell DNA to be perfect replica with no minor alterations or imperfections that are usual for mid to older age specimens.  Blood stream analysis show absolute absence of active or inactive viral traces.  Further study of this is primary as the implications to medical science are enormous.

Another important consideration is humans genetically modified In utero for the prevention of known genetic diseases passed on naturally.  This could be beneficial to those afflicted by such diseases that went undetected or untreated or it could be a curse to those that were treated.  Until further study is done it is recommended no genetically modified individuals be considered to travel through the singularity.

There is much information still to be gained from further analysis.  However our deadline is already exceeded and I submit current findings and urge further study be done before sending human beings through the rift.  Please extend our funding and time as the implications of our findings are almost as important as the finding of the rift itself.

Begin Response Excerpt:
Full report to be included for release to commanding officer once rift is crossed, this is to allow effective use information necessary to make appropriate decisions.  All cloned crew elements will be replaced but no other crew modifications will be made nor the launch delayed.

Funding is authorized for further study and investigation is to be reclassified as TOP SECRET and eyes only for anyone below SL4.
End Response Excerpt: