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Vehicles and Starships

Vehicles and starships in Mass Effect: Apocalypse also scale in a manner similar to gangs. Vehicles have four size categories: small, medium, large, and dreadnought. Much like gangs, when a vehicle attacks another vehicle, it inflicts +1harm for every size category larger it is, and -1harm for every size category smaller. Vehicle-mounted weapons mounted to vehicles of size medium or larger will tend to just vaporize characters who are not themselves in a vehicle.

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Building Vehicles:

Vehicles are characterized by stat profile, frame, strength, looks, and weakness.
Choose one stat profile:

Choose frame:

Choose strength or strengths equal to Power stat:
Fast, rugged, aggressive, tight, huge, off-road, responsive, uncomplaining, capacious, workhorse, easily repaired

Choose looks equal to its looks stat:
Sleek, vintage, pristine, powerful, luxe, flashy, muscular, quirky, pretty, handcrafted, spikes & plates, garish

Choose weaknesses equal to weakness stat:
Slow, fragile, sloppy, lazy, cramped, picky, guzzler, unreliable, loud, rabbity.

Sample Vehicle List (Small):