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History Described on rpg.stackexchange.com

History (Hx) is a measure of how well you know someone. Fictionally this might be knowing secrets about them, understanding how they think, knowing their history of violence and being able to predict what they might do, knowing how to work smoothly with them, and/or knowing how to push their buttons or poke their raw emotional wounds and thereby manipulate them. The game doesn't require that you detail this, but you'll probably start with a vague idea anyway.

All together, those kinds of fictional foundations for "how well do I know them?" gives you a certain amount of hold over them, represented mechanically by the Hx rules. When they are trying to do something, you can describe how you help them or interfere with them. If it's fictionally sensible, then you roll+Hx to apply the +1 (for help) or -2 (for hindering) to their roll. The rules recommend rolling at the same time, but it's not strictly necessary.

History changes in three ways. With the end of session move, each player picks a PC who they think knows their character better than before. Usually it will be obvious, but occasionally they'll have to think about it. Either way, once they choose it will probably be obvious how the fiction is related to this change. This won't require any special handling to represent in the fiction.

The other way is the rollover when your character's Hx hits +5 with another PC and has to reset to +1 (while getting to mark experience). The rollover from Hx+4 to Hx+1 can be thought of as a new "level" of understanding of someone. You've had a small epiphany about how they tick, but now you're in slightly uncertain territory with them while you integrate this new understanding. Mechanically, your enhanced knowledge of them turns into marking for improvement (which generally makes you more competent, including when dealing with that PC), and allows you the chance to build up your understanding of them again.

The third way Hx can change is due to a classe's special move triggered by sex, but those are self-explanatory when it comes to the fiction.

* Everyone in the group has history with the others. At this stage of character creation, determine what that history is.

* Everyone introduces their characters by name and Persona. Take your turn.

* List the other characters’ names.

* This will take place in the Forum under the Character Creation Forum Thread.

* Go around again for Hx. On your turn, choose 1, 2 or 3 from the list below:

* Tell everyone else Hx = 0

* On the others’ turns, choose 1 or 2 from the list below:

* Everyone else, whatever number they tell you.

When your Hx with a character goes to +5, reset it to +1, mark experience, and have that character’s player tell you a secret about their character, a habit, or what they think about something you care about.