Oskaig Domain:

Currently Known Resources:
Iron Mines: +6. The hills surrounding Oskaig's river valley are rich in iron deposits.
River Transport +2, While much of the river below Oskaig is navigable, it runs into the Barbarian Lands (and eventually to the northern sea) rather than anywhere really useful. There is a substantial chance that it, or the river system it is a part of, will provide access to various barbarian tribes once it's better mapped - which may improve this rating.
Forestry +2: The local hills provide plenty of lumbar, although mostly only for local projects and fuel.
Farming +2: THe local farms are mostly unused at the moment, but offer plenty of chances for expansion.

Magnitude 3 (Unique Training/Vorinax +6), Cohesion 3, Wealth Rating: Common (Order Sponsorship through Darius).
Abilities: Morale +1 (3), Contacts/Velius (1), Survival +4, Engineering +4, Craft (Metal) +2 (+4 when Foundry fully repaired), Outriders +2.
Common Charms and Talismans:: Blessed Blade, Industrious Tool, Rubydraught.
Current Template: Cosmopolitan (Available Birthrights Elemental, Order, Dimensional, and Barbarian).
Other: +3 BAB (18), Defender (6), Shaping (Specialized in Minor Elemental Effects, 6), Fast Learner/Specialized in Cohesion (6), Augmented Bonus/to Int-Based Skills/Specialized in Crafting for Double Effect (6).
Limitations: Divided (Town and Lion Barbarian Encampment).

Oskaig is already becoming a bustling town again, filled with a remarkably wide variety of people from across the world.