Dimension Storm:
+2 Charisma (6 CP).
Embodiment Of The Storm: +2 Attribute Points for Blood Of The Dragon (6 CP).
Channeling The Storm: +3 Attribute Points for Blood Of The Dragon, Specialized and Corrupted / only provides a total pool of (Cha Mod +1) x 7 "Levels" of Enhancement Per Day rather than a flat, permanent, level reduction (4 CP).
The Whisper Of Worlds: Innate Enchantment (Spell Levels 1/2 or 1, Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, Personal Only where Applicable (up to 11,500 GP Value, 12 CP).
Bridge Of Worlds: Thematic Magic - One narrowly-focused Greater Invocation (L3, Reduced to L1 by Blood Of The Dragon, produces L1 effects within a particular narrowly-defined field - Plant Magic, Healing Magic, Fire Magic, etc, Specialized and Corrupted for Increased Effect (Save DC based on Cha and Base Spell Level, Effective Caster Level = User Level), Requires the use of a Charm-level Magical Focus in hand (usually a Wand, Grimoire, or some sort of Amulet), Output spells with a base level of above one must be learned (User may know one such spell per rank of their Spellcraft skill), user's may spend points from their Enhancement Pool to access effects of up to level four, but must have at least 3 purchased Hit Dice to use L3 effects and 5 purchased Hit Dice to use Level Four Effects (2000 GP).
Eternal Lightning: Immortal Vigor I (Personal-Only, adds 12+ 2 x Con Mod HP, 1400 GP).
Lightning Infusion: Resist Energy (Personal-Only, provides generic Energy Resistance 10, 1400 GP).
Grasp Of Winds: Call Focus: Brings the users Thematic Magic focus to hand as a swift action if it is within 60 feet. If someone is restraining it, a save applies (1000 GP).
Ears To The Wind: Detect Dimensional Disturbances (1000 GP).
Winds Of Time: Sign (2000 GP).
Draught Of Lightning: Healing Belt (x.7, can only heal the user, 525 GP).
Within The Vorted: Least Crystal Of Arrow Deflection (+2 to AC versus Ranged Attacks, 500 GP).
Tendrils Of The Logrus: Cloth Yeomans Supply Pouch (x.8, GM determines time spent "fishing", 1640 GP).
+2 Racial Bonus to Spellcraft (2 CP).