Beekeeper Bears

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Plow Buffalo are better purchased in the farming villages outside the walls, but are readily available - if not so plentiful as they are further south.

War Ferrets: According to the seller, the Legions kept ferrets - to keep down the mice - for so long that the ferrets started picking up the trade. War Ferrets know how to use small weapons and armor, how to stand guard, and can carry out other military routines - at least provided that they have plenty of food and water and three or four are assigned to any one job, since they can't handle "shifts" of more than an hour or two before needing to eat and sleep for a bit. They aren't terribly effective as individuals, but a cluster of War Ferrets trying to hamstring you or peppering your face with needle-like arrows can be quite dangerous. There are three platoons available; they tend to breed fairly quickly.

Egger Foxes are a farm-adapted animal; they are very clever about finding eggs - and while they will eat the first few eggs they find each day, they will bring the rest to the henhouse and will reliably sort fertilized from unfertilized eggs.

Messenger-Birds can take a mental impression of a target and - given an hour or two - locate them if they're within a radius of a couple of miles. Once they find them, they can repeat whatever message they were given in the voice it was given in. Of course, they then expect to be plentifully fed, fussed over, and petted before they take a nap. They're actually mostly "sold" by children who will pick them up, do the fussing and feeding, and find someone who needs a quick message sent to "sell" them to.

Orafen Songbirds can sing songs that influence emotions and have other effects - and they're stronger and more versatile in groups. They're probably too expensive at the moment though; they're a bit of a luxury good.

Chickens... tend to be just chickens, pretty much everywhere. Plentiful and cheap.

Bomas - the local cattle - manipulate plants in the area. One can usually manage to arrange some stickerbushes around a comfy area with rich grass. a small herd can manage a cozy shelter surrounded by walls of thorns. A sufficiently large herd will start spawning bovine-herbal golem-things to protect their little fortified grazing grounds. It's usually best not to let that many form a herd.

Onager Donkeys are the local light loadbeasts. They're strong, tough, never get lost, and have a tendency to kick unreasonably large rocks at anything that annoys or threatens them.
Milling-Beavers build dams - but they build them with sluice-gates, ever-improving foundations, and defensive works to intercept drifting logs and such that might damage the dam. If properly trained and cared for, they are perfectly willing to maintain power-sluices for waterwheels and similar facilities.
The local Horses are sturdy, reliable, not at all inclined to panic, and tend to strew the area behind their herd with weak entanglement effects. They are unusually successful at running away from threats.

Gardener Squirrels (from the Parliament Of Trees) are available, mostly because most people find them utterly useless (and whoever ordered them apparently died before taking delivery). The things bite small bits off of rare plants, run off looking for a place said plant will like, and there plant their clipping. For some reason, it usually takes. When they get old, they burrow into the ground and small tree comes up - although outside the Parliament, no more Gardener Squirrels will grow on them. Unfortunately, they are short-lived and completely untrainable; they pick plants as suits them, they wander off looking for a place to plant them that suits them, and they plant themselves wherever suits them. They're mostly sold as minor novelties.

Pigs are available, but given what pigs born in the Dimensional Realm are like, it's not recommended that you take any with you save as ham, bacon, and sausages.

Dimensional Horse

Vanishing Hyrax

Warp Tiger

Merchants Donkeys are Dernmarkian Imports, but with the drop-off in trade, there are a few available.

Titan Bear

Purity Lion