Chapter One Recap (or how the hell did I get from Gray House to a costume party in Faliaci?)

Scene 1 - What happens when a nutjob thinks his Prince's wife cursed him with bad luck?  He interrupts breakfast.

Morning breakfast at Gray House is interrupted by visitors, first by Lord's Hand Affonso d'Antonio who is attempting to warn the residents (Marietta in particular) about an angry Haythem Freschobaldi.  He barely manages to deliver part of his warning when Signore Freschobaldi arrives, raging at an absent Valentina about a failed business venture.  Milo and Marietta sneak out, but only manage to crash their horses into Haythem.  Unmounted, disarmed, and outnumbered, Haythem beats a hasty retreat.  The group decides that it might be safer to find another place to stay until Haythem calms down.

Scene 2 - Father Angelo and Amaranth hold office hours

Scene 2 - Marietta and Milo get a drink

Milo and Marietta head to the docks where they are witness to Marcello Villanova finishing off three Castillian swordsmen (who were angry at Giovanni over something or another) by disarming them--without any serious injuries.  Following his victory, they met a merchant of Marcello's acquaintance who offered them invitations to a party where they could find out more about Haythem's misfortunes.

Scene 2 - Raffaello hires some muscle

Scene 2 - Dante gets some rooms

Dante heads to the orphanage where he was raised in order to arrange for housing for his housemates.

Scene 3 - Surgery at the Swordsman's Guild

Everyone reconvenes at the Swordsman's Guild to discuss their progress.  Their tete-a-tete is interrupted by a whole slew of people talking about the men Marcello slaughtered, only their impression is that they were nearly killed and that even the skills of Doctor du Paix is insufficient to keep them alive.  Doctor di Pietro insists that the Castillians were not badly injured when they arrived and that du Paix is responsible for their injuries.  With the help of Dante, Amaranth, and Milo, Father Angelo manages to keep the Castillians from an untimely death.  Meanwhile Raffaello and Marietta accompany di Pietro to the guildsmaster and report that Marcello was not responsible for the extent of their injuries.

Scene 4 - Raffaello has an encounter in an allyway

Scene 4 - Library time with Marietta and Dante ONGOING

Scene 4 - Family time with Milo, Marietta, and Dante ONGOING

Milo goes to a scheduled visitation with his family (older sister Helena and younger brother Giacomo), and brings along Marietta (whose sister Elena is also there) and Dante.  All of them meet Miranda Lucani Helena tells Milo that there will be family-by-marriage at the party he's been invited to.

Dante and Marietta manage to convince Miranda to design and build their costumes for the party.

Scene 5 - the Town of Stinking Fish ONGOING

Everyone goes to Pesce Puzzolente, where answers are found, but they only lead to more questions.  Marietta and Raffaello discover that they used to know each other years ago (and that fact makes Raff rather upset).  While the two become reacquainted with each other, Milo and Marcello head off to the tavern, while Dante and Father Angelo go to the Merchant Authority offices in town.

Marietta and Raffaello run into Marietta's brother, Raphael, who is acting suspicious and who admits to being involved with some shady people.  He promises to catch up with Marietta back at home.  Marietta heads home while Raffaello follows Raphael.

Dante and Father Angelo find that the Tariff Offices are run by an old friend of Dante's, a nun by the name of Sister Hesselpenny (who has horrible taste in accessories).  Sister Hesselpenny tells them that Haythem Freschobaldi has been coming into town (or sending his henchman, Ottavio--whose family used to own the tavern) for the last three months.  And that Ottavio (who is rather an unpleasant character) has been talking about another man, Oddo, recently.

People meet up at Marietta's house (not hard to find, since Pesce is all of one street).  Marietta plays hostess to Marcello, while Raff and Milo go to retrieve Raphael.

Dante and Father Angelo head over to the church to talk to the priest about some records.

Raff and Milo track Marietta's brother back to the church and they drag him back to face his sister.

There's a strange Fate Witch at Marietta's house, who leaves shortly after the boys get back, prompting a fight between Marietta and Raphael.  Marietta runs off.  Raphael and Milo follow.  Dante finds out that Raphael has no idea why Freschobaldi is interested in Pesce or how Oddo is involved, but may know something about missing women.  Raphael catches up with his sister and they exhange words before he runs off again.  Raff insists to Dante that Oddo, whoever that is, is long dead.  Everyone decides to go back to the church to talk to Marietta's other brother about his terrible taste in "literature".