Amazon's Wind Canoe;
This is basicly comes either as a one person or two person kayak or a massive war canoe, the wind canoes main two issues are:
 it's minimum speed; they must land in water since if they try anywhere else they will have crashed, Damage as if fallen their speed in feet.
 it is limited in range from a particular ceremomial circle, a war canoe's circle must be on land of some kind, cloud islands have worked. The kayaks circle is much smaller and has been fitted on ships including the Amazon's War Canoe.

It must be controlled by a spell user, any spell user can control it as an act of will, while this doesn't change the users current spell load. No spell users are unable to regain spells while on the canoe, and if at any time the user was in control of the canoe they are unable to regain any spells even cantrips for three to seven days.


Bubble Tree:
This is an odd form of life, the trees life cycle starts out with a leaf embedded with a seed floating on the breezes.. And floating and floating, until the leaf's float bladder ruptures or leaks out.

The seed then sprouts as seedling in its new home. In some cases this will be a cloud island, whether embedded in a cliff or mountain side, or in a cloud island. It's leaves are seeming no different then most trees during this period, unless it has found an unusually fertile bed if so then the leaves begin to puff up with air.  This air seems perfectly normal in all respects but a mild magical aura can be detected and when separated the leaves float.  But in most cases the plants life story is somewhat different, the plant uses the last of its reserves and embeds "hook" rootlets into crevices and pad rootlets stick to the stone surfaces. The tree seedling lies dormant until it rains what used to be an air bladder begins to fill with water it stops absorbing when the weight begins to pull rootlets straight.  The water begins to ferment inside the bladder giving off a very pleasant smell, the insects like it.  Fresh sprouted seedling have been known to get insects drunk on the "Bubble Wine".  Then since they can no longer fly they wander around the plant attempting to escape, where they wander into the mat of rootlets and.. the water is taken back!

As the Plant collects "fertilizer" it begins to grow, some small percent of leaves are damaged due to insect feeding and heavy winds these stop growing and collect water.  Creating new Wine Bottles these lures continue the cycle of insects, but a new shift takes place.  unlike many such plants this one turns some of the hook roots into woody anchors, this process occurs when the size becomes about that of a bush.  This continues outward until the plant has an interlaced skeleton of woody stalks.  The ends of these stalks grow an odd fuzz that for one collect water, but also acts as traction for landing bird feet.  oddly birds and mammals drinking from the bottles do not get drunk.  But the arrival of birds herald a new defence against insects the birds. The the nesting branches are sprouting out of the heaviest root mats, this and the branch fuzz collects the bird droppings.

As this bush spreads it creates an actual ledge, a flat area where birds will nest and climbing egg hunters pause to rest. is is no problem, herbivorous animals get sick at best see below from the very spot where once the seed sprouted a sapling raises its head as it begins to shade the brush under it the small leaves wither and drop from the brush ledge but the brush begins to spread wider creating a larger ledge.  Oddly the plant which seem to hate insects so doesn't mind other plants the ledge begins to support other plants sprouted from seed in droppings.  The Sapling it turns out is the first of many but it grows twice as fast a third again the height and eight times the diameter of the other saplings that sprout further along the brush ledge.

The Bubble Tree:
This complex of; Root-mat ledge, "Bush", invading Forbes, and Trees with leaves inflated with either water or "lift" and new Saplings, can grow quite large but there is a limit to how stable such an ecology can be weight wise.  at some point either the weight of the Wine bottles, or the pull of the air bladders. will win a tug of war and the whole thing will pull or drop free.. long story short in the end it will float of into the clouds.  These uncultivated Bubble trees are known to be about the size of a keelboat or schooner when the drop free. Well tended cultivars have been known to grow in place to about the size of battle ships and longships.  But the biggest mature trees are floating free, oddly some Forest Gnomes have discovered the secret to controlling the trees buoyancy. Ach-blood sacrifice-oo.. just remember we ARE good.

Animal lairs, and Bird nests:
The Bubble Tree is quite happy to host animals and birds. If herbivores avoid munching on it and eat its vegetative guests it is happy with them too. be bees coming to flowers in the tree are only mildly taxes and after one or two sacrifices per flower may take nectar and pollen.  Oddly local bees don't like the bottle wine. nests, animal lairs, and bee hives actually cause the tree to grow around them creating protective bramble, hedges and tree wall. Some longer lived building tree houses in the trees have found the tree growing around the dwelling enclosing it but leaving the windows and doors to function. such things are found of burrowing creatures who create burrows in the leaves

Poisoned Insect, Militia:
Let it be noted a Tree that is heavily Damaged by insects has defences. The Elder Toddi' Shelfungus once noted such a bush attacked by rapacious Green Warrior Ants the devastation to the bush was horrible, but something happened. Elder Toddi' noted the ants begin to fight each other. looking carefully he realized the there were two sides to the battle the incoming ants were fighting the "Drunk" Ants.. But the Drunk Ants were already Dead.  the battle spread over the bush the Poisoned Ants fighting and killing the incoming ants and being destroyed in turn. but new poisoned freshly Poisoned Ants joined the fight.  After the battle the Poisoned Ants went out and brought all the bodies?.. and Toddi's sandwich to the bush like worshipers sacrifice to a temple. It was never seen in a plant at less then Bush size, it was further noted that any damaged Poisoned Ants rotted away and were placed in the plants rotting pits. The undamaged ones became mummified and coated with a kind of plant sap lacquer which made the tougher skinned and often before it dried collected a coating of debris as camouflage.  It may also be noted that some insects that drank from the plants bottles during the battle were poisoned and joined the poisoned plant militia.


Cloud Raft;
Cloud-rafts are made of an elemental aggregate called Cloudstone. There are two forms of cloudraft; the Barge, and Norhead keelboat.

The Barge is simply a slab made of cloudstone, it floats in the air pushed by the wind. What little control the the barge has is due to what the cloud-rafters call "ballast" this is the percent of water absorbed into the cloudstone.  Weight of cargo is only a concern when it gets to what they call ". ", this is when the weight overpowers the lift causing the Cloudstone to powder into normal clouds.  Weight of cargos only effect on height, is FALLING. The planning bargemaster includes in their cargo ballast water,  these or barrels of "cargo" that are tapped and allowed to drain into the barge cloudstone causing the ballast to lower the altitude of the barge. The only other control the barge may have built in is the helm, this is where the barge uses a special sail called the rudder to turn the barge. The helm is used to change its face for docking or to or to turn the Barge's fenders and pole-men to protect the barge from damage.  Some races have a skill to do more One of the Tallfellow clans the Wetfeet clan instead of having the gift of accuracy have the innate cantrip Misty Fog it draws moisture from one item as it creates a small cloud of mist.  The wet foot crew use this to evaporate moisture and cause the cloud to raise. Many gnomes living in the clouds gain the cantrip instead of one of the others.

Cloud-barge, is