From Walter regarding his background:

"Well….at one time I was Hauptmann Walter Krupp of the 29th Panzer Division. We were involved in the counter-offensive into northern Poland along with other allied forces. During operations in northern Poland, we engaged superior eastern block forces who then counter-attacked into our flank, decimated regiment and separated what was left of the company. When my Leopard was finally disabled, me and what was left of my crew scattered and filtered into the countryside. I was lucky enough to find the river and follow it to this town where I was able to market other skills."

"At another time…and currently, I'm Dr. Walter Krupp, Professor at the University of Dresden, freelance Chemist and Engineer. You might refer to me rudely as an intellectual mercenary, or perhaps more correctly, a man of opportunity. I have a lab that I have managed to scrape together and do some custom compound mixing, solve problems, and try to maintain something of the science of the past in the environment I find myself. Support at times can be hard to find and raw materials are always a challenge for me alone to acquire in sufficient quantity at times, but I make due."

Rank: Former Hauptmann

Status: Alive

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