The Twins

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The Twins is a coastal settlement east of Krynica Morska. Its namesake was born from the presence of two large civilian vessels, which had been intentionally beached there during the war. The community hasn't had a permanent habitation since being pillaged by bandits in September. Previous to that it had a population of approximately 100 people.

The Twins is a typical shantytown, thus its shelters are crude, comprised of flimsy shacks, tents, vehicle and aircraft wreckage, as well as a small number cabins made of timber and packed earth. There is a communal kiln, small workshops, livestock pens, and fish racks for salting/drying. An M113 APC hulk, partially sunk into the sand, provides an anchor point on the beach for a floating pier, with the opposite end fixed to one of the grounded freighters. Fortifications exist only in the early phase of construction, with a low earthen mound forming an incomplete perimeter wall.

For reasons unclear, rumors persists that the Gdansk Fisherman's League has a dark history regarding the demise of The Twins.

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Notable Factions:

Warmia Awakening control this area

Unit Interactions:

In November, The Twins became a focal point for the Mad Dogs upon learning that Soviet pirates were using it as an anchorage while their submarine underwent repairs. By this point the pirates had been seizing boats from Gdansk and taking crews hostage, thus prompting the need for military action. As the raid progressed, seemingly turning into an easy victory for Gdansk, a large number of Warmia Awakening bandits entered the fray. Consequently, the raid turned into a fighting withdrawal to the beach and a hasty evacuation. In its conclusion The Twins was left in bandit control.

Other Key Events & Information:

Participation in the raid included members of the Mad Dogs; Monolith (employed by the Merchant Union); The Fisherman's League; the Legion of Saint Adalbert; Stal Gdansk; Świt (Dawn) Batalion; and the Marian Enclave.

Lukasz Piszczek was seriously wounded, losing an eye, while fighting a delay action against the bandits.

During a lull in the fighting, Monolith commander Pawel Brozek, proposes a secret arrangement to McCarthy regarding Forest City. It calls for the Mad Dogs to cease providing assistance to community and to not interfere with the cartel's interests there. McCarthy agreed to the deal but has no intention of honoring it.

The Arcadia and several other allied boats under the command of Halina Nowak went missing while pursuing the escaping submarine.

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