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Tczew is a town on the Vistula River. Less than 2,500 inhabitants live there from a prewar population of approximately 60,000 people. Nevertheless, while nearly all of the town lies in rubble, it continues to have a vital strategic importance. This is on account of there being in Tczew the only (intact) bridge in northern Poland which continues to link the two sides of the Vistula. As direct result, the Polish 12th Cavalry Division is in cantonment there to protect the span.

Most of the current population is involved in either local agriculture or providing camp services for the Polish soldiers. Aside from some glass making, basket weaving, and small boat construction, there is no significant industrial production. There have also been no significant reconstruction projects due to a manpower shortage, as well as in lieu of prioritizing city fortification and maintaining the bridge. Furthermore, the local economy is widely viewed as stagnant with very low importing and exporting activity.

Both riverine and traffic over the bridge is subject to searches and tolls.

Notable NPCs:

"Fake Wurz", whose real name is unknown, was a prisoner held in the ORMO/Police station cells. He claimed to know Kessler's missing subordinate, Wurz.

Areas of Interest:
Tczew Police Station
Tczew Harbor

Notable Factions:

Polish Army (see above)

Unit Interactions:

In November, Valeska petitioned the Mad Dogs to infiltrate Tczew in order to force the release of her crew and barge, which had been respectively arrested and impounded there. In addition to engaging the garrison in a number of firefights, the Mad Dogs managed to sabotage and heavily damaged the river gunboat stationed in in the harbor.

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