St.Mary's Church
This gothic style chuch is the largest of its kind in the world, with a normal prewar capacity for 25,000 people. The massive structure dwarfs the other buildings around it, enabling the tower to be visible for a long distance. Currently it is the primary housing and hospital facility for the Marian Faction. They occupy the top and basement levels, while leaving the main hall open for the homeless and others in need. With the original seating long gone, the open floor space is now taken up by a crowded, cramped and uniquely inner shanty town. Most of the surviving artwork and other relics have been relocated for safekeeping. In order to maintain its Red Cross status as a neutral medical center, the grounds are strictly off limits to firearms. Security is handled by the IB who ring the church with a protective cordon (even they are not permitted to enter armed unless in an emergency). St.Mary's also serves as the city's timekeepers, ringing it's bell on the hour to help the city time its working hours and other public functions. Most of the roof was blown off in the nuclear blasts, but repairs and reconstruction are ongoing.

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