Sobieszewo Island
Sobieszewo Island is an island East of Gdansk, inhabited by a group of civilians and militia members largely intent on securing their borders and way of life. There has been a regular struggle seen with the internal politics of the island, regarding whether, and how much, they should interact with the outside world. For a time, Gustaw was the sole leader of the island community, but after a failed raid to Hel Peninsula, was deposed in favor of a ruling council. More recently, and especially after the island sent militia to hamper PACT efforts during the siege of Gdansk, slowly the people of the isolated island seem to be coming around to the idea that they will be unable to exist in a vacuum forever. As a result, and largely through the work of the Mad Dogs, the council has been speaking more and more with leaders in Gdansk. While they haven't yet formally announced an intention to ally with Gdansk, they have essentially done so through the material support they've been lending through the siege, the recovery efforts surrounding the HMS Caliph and corresponding raid to Hel Peninsula described earlier, and a more recent sending of the militia in support of Przejazdowo when it was under attack by Soviet forces.

Some of the locations of note on the island itself:
Hotel Bartan

Notable NPCs on the island:
Pavel Adamowicz - Gustaw's brother
Bartosz - Council member representing Sobieszewo.
Ivar Christensen - International Brigade military advisor
Lt.Cmdr Vicky Gordon - Former captain of the HMS Caliph
Gustaw - Former leader of Sobieszewo Island
Krysia Kaczmarek - Militia member with former police training
Mariusz - Former Council Member at one point. It is unclear what became of him.
Maria Ostrowski - Owner/manager of Hotal Bartan / Council Member representing Swibno
Stanislaw / Stan - Orphan boy living with Maria Ostrowski
Szymon - Bridge keeper
Councilmember Jakub - Represents the local Police and Militia
Councilmember Dawid - Represents the community of Komary

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