Sabine Riedel
Riedel was a citizen of East Germany prior to the war and subsequent reunification. Life had been hard under East German oppression however, and led her far from her dreams - she ended up being a medic serving with Michael Kessler, and joined the Mad Dogs at the same time as Kessler, Lukas Fischer, and Karel Janku. She fought with the unit through the Fuel Depot mission, the anti-bandit mission for Forest City, and the battle of The Twins. She had been responsible for killing the Aufhocker, the man that Kessler's unit had been sent to find, after thinking that she recognized him as one of the men that had tortured her lover earlier in her life. In the end, it was a grenade that did her in at the Rail Bridge South of Gdansk.

Rank: Soldat (and medic)

Status: KIA

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