In Game descriptions of Rybina:
...Rybina appears intact. Open and tilled fields surround the village, with a few trees standing tall between many of the buildings. The river and bridge aren't visible from this vantage point, but the village is small, so they must be just beyond the first few houses. Unlike Przejazdowo, barricaded and sheltered behind its fortifications, Rybina is completely open...With such a tiny garrison, if that term applies to the single squad deployed here, there simply isn't enough bodies to cover the perimeter of a village this size. That, and if Rybina is like most other rural communities around here, most of the civilian folk bunk down soon after nightfall...

The Mad Dogs have passed through Rybina twice on the trip to and return from the Fuel Depot. Both times the bridge here was maintained by at least a squad of Polish troops. On the return, this is where the unit met Capt. Bajek for the second time, along with his 2IC, Artur Netzel.

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